Why Spend a little more for Metal Roofing?

Q: I’ve heard metal roofing systems are hot?

A: Just the opposite is true; metal-roofing systems will reduce your homes energy cost.  Regardless of the color you chose or whether you chose Zinc coated galvalume steel with highly reflective finishes or aluminum.  These products reflect as much as 95% of all radiant heat, along with the airspace beneath each shingle, these products work like a blanket of insulation and will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Q: Is a metal roof noisy when it rains?

A: Metal roofing systems will not create additional noise.  The 400- ton forming process, 4-way interlocking design and tight fastening system all contribute to a quiet roofing system by eliminating opportunities for reverberation.

Q: Can I walk on my metal roof?

A: Yes, but since metal roofing requires virtually no maintenance, there should be no reason to do so.  Like any roof, care should be exercised.  You can discuss specific details about walking on your roof with our installation team.

Q: Does my roof have to be removed before installing a metal roofing system?

A: In most cases, No.  A metal roofing system weighs 1/3 the weight of conventional roofs such as asphalt or wood shake, and 1/8 the weight of clay or concrete tile roofs.  We can install over up to two layers of asphalt roofing and over one layer of wood shake, so long as the wood shake hasn’t began the decay and rotting process.  Eliminating the need for tear-off saves money, time, mess and hassle, and protects your home from possible flooding during a roofing project.  It also adds insulation value.  In addition it protects the environment by reducing landfill waste.

Q: How long will a metal roofing system last?

A: Made from “Galva-strength” steel, a stable, inorganic material, metal roofing won’t dry out, split, curl, peel or flake like conventional roofing products.  “Galva-strength” steel combines zinc, aluminum and carbon steel for unequalled barrier and sacrificial protection from the elements.  This substrate has been protecting many of the world’s monumental buildings for decades, and has been in use for over 100 years.

Q: How does a metal roofing system compare in cost to a conventional roof?

A: When comparing cost of replacing a wood shake roof with another wood shake, metal-roofing systems will be similar in cost.  If converting a wood shake to asphalt, a metal roofing system from Denver roofing contractors is only approximately 30% more.  CHECK THIS OUT!  When comparing the cost of a conventional temporary asphalt roof to a Lifetime Metal Roof, it’s only fair to compare the actual cost of an asphalt roof over its expected lifetime, which is a ten-year period of time.

Average size home roofed with asphalt cost $5,000.00.  However, you’ll have to replace it in ten to twelve years.  Add 5% inflation over ten years PLUS tear-off cost and do it again for $8,700.00 for a total cost over ten years of $13,700.  It’s easy to see in just a ten-year time frame, a homeowner’s true cost in an asphalt roof is $13,700.00, which is almost as much as a Lifetime Metal Roof averaging $16.500.00 that never needs replaced!

Q: I’m too old to worry about a lifetime warranty when I can get a 30-year Tamko    Asphalt Shingle that’s less expensive and will out live me?

A: This is a big misconception and commonly asked question.  We’ve already revealed the real cost of a cheaper asphalt roof with the previous question.  Even the best 30-year asphalt shingle only has a replacement warranty for the first 5-7 years.  After this point it is aggressively prorated to where there is no coverage due to natural weathering, thus being the reason that asphalt roofs need replaced after 10-12 years.  Most of our clients are in their retirement years between the ages of 50-70.  These buyers are well educated and experienced.  They know from experience you get what you pay for in life.  They’ve purchased 4-5 asphalt roofs in their lifetime and know fro a fact that an asphalt roof won’t last 30 years.  These clients are looking for a roof that’s maintenance free as well as worry free from storm damage.  They also want a roof that’s distinctively beautiful.  The answer is simple.  None of us no when our time is here, but if you feel you will still be around 10 years from now, then a metal roof is you best choice.  We have many clients in there 70’s & 80’s.  The likelihood of these clients benefiting from a lifetime warranty 50 years from now is slim.  But eliminating the need to hire a roofing contractor and going through the hassle and interruption in life during elderly years is more than enough reason to spend a little more on a lifetime roof.  You’re guaranteed to never be bothered with roof replacement again!

Q: How well will my metal roofing system stand up to high winds?

A: Conventional roof's are rated up to 50 m.p.h. winds while metal roofing systems are rated up to 110 m.p.h. and 60 m.p.h. updrafts.

The Best Warranties in the Roofing Business

Classic Products:  Classic Products manufactures Aluminum & Steel Shake.  The Aluminum Shake has the best warranty of any roofing product from Roofing Companies Denver on the market today.  Their Steel Shake has the best warranty on the market when compared to other steel products.

Perfection Country Manor Aluminum Shake:

"Lifetime" NON PRORATED warranty, for as long as any person who held title of the property at the time the product was applied is living and retains ownership of the property.  The warranty is transferable by the original property owners to subsequent owners of the property.  Upon transfer of warranty, the warranty period extends 40 years from the date of installation.

Classic Products warrants that the products will not leak due to hail perforation, burn or support combustion, split or crack due to cold weather or lose impact resistance with age.

The finish on the product will not chip, peel, flake or blister under conditions of ordinary wear.  The products will not fade or change color in excess of five (5) Hunter E units for a period of twenty (20) years after installation.  With proper installation, the products will not detach from roof or become deformed due to wind velocities up to 120 mph.  Classic Products, upon proper notification and validation of complaint, will repair, replace or refinish (providing both materials and labor).  If products covered by this warranty can't be repaired, replaced or refinished after a reasonable number of attempts to do so, Classic Products will refund the purchase price of the originally installed found to be defective including both materials & labor.

Warranty must be registered within 30 days after installation has been completed.  Denver Roofing Contractors and Roofing Repairs Denver Inc will mail completed warranty registration to you for your signature and you're responsible for mailing to the manufacturer.

"TimberCreek" Shake:

Lifetime limited warranty, for as long as any person who held title of property at the time of installation and retains ownership.  TimberCreek Shake Panels are warranted at 100% to free from defects in materials and manufacturing workmanship that might result in the following: cracking, curling, combustion support, wind uplift as the results of winds under 120 mph or to perforation, cracking or surface coating loss due to hail.  Classic Products will pay for materials and labor necessary to repair or replace the roof, up to a cost not to exceed the original installed price of roof.

50-Year Limited Transferable Portion:
Covers the same as above warranty, but on a prorated basis.  The following is the prorating schedule:  Years 1-5=100%; Year 6=90%; Year 7=80%; Year 9=60%; Year 10=55%; Years 11-25 decline at a rate of 2% per year; Years 26-50 decline at a rate of 1% per year.